English Test Results [ 10 February 2018 ]

English Test Results

Sr.   Name         Marks         P/F       Per%
#1   Jatin         29.5/50     Passed     59%
#2   Arshad     28/50        Passed     56%
#3   Krishna    27.5/50     Passed     55%
#4   Hritik        26/50        Passed     52%
#5   Mehtab     26/50        Passed     52%
#6   Sami         25.5/50     Passed      51%
#7   Shavej      24/50        Passed      48%
#8   Samad      23.5/50     Passed     47%
#9   Sameer     22.5/50     Passed     45%
#10  Sahil         22.5/50     Passed     45%
#11  Sahib        20/50        Passed     40%
#12  Himanshu 17/50      Failed       34%
#13  Navman    14.5/50    Failed      29%
#14  Waseem     10.5/50   Failed      21%
#15  Rahul         08.5/50    Failed      17%

Note : 11 students out of 15 are Passed in English Test conducted on February 10, 2018. It was compulsory to get 40% of 50 means 20 marks to be passed. 

As you know that the last winner of the Tuition was Jatin who had obtained 25/57 in Mathematics Test conducted on November 30, 2017 and now again he is the winner of The AK Tuition. Let's say him congrats for being the winner.

In English Test Jatin who is the winner of the Tuition obtained 29.5/50 marks means 59% that's very good aggregates in the Tuition Test. He is really a genius guy because he is all-rounder. Arshad who is at the second position is also a very laborious student but you know well everybody can't get the first position. Third position goes to Krishna Rai who is weak at English but he is so fast to learn things therefore he is at the third position. We should encourage them towards hard work especially three of the top students.

Always remember, Time is the most powerful because it can take a person bottom to top or top to bottom. We just only need to do hard work for shaping it well for us. If the top students stops his studies thinking perfect himself then the time can send away him to the bottom as well as the bottom student prepare well for the next Test the time can take him to the top which everybody wants to be on.

Winner's photo can be seen on the same website and our facebook page The AK Tuition 786 until we conduct another Test.


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