Mathematics Test & Result - October 2017 { Class 7,8 & 9 }

After a long period The AK Tuition has announced a Test that is to held on 15th October 2017 on Sunday. The test will consist only mathematics. There are 10 students in the tuition but only 6 students will attempt this test between the time 3:00-5:00 pm. I'd like to share the list of the students those will give this test, so here is the list : -

Sr No             Name                      Class
    1                    Arshad                  VII
    2                    Jatin                      VIII
    3                    Hritik                     IX
    4                    Monu                      IX
    5                    Sonu                       IX

    6                    Krishna Rai          X

                     View The Result

This test will have maximum number of marks 50 and the criteria fixed by Tutor is 40% that is equivalent to 20 marks. Only that student will be considered a passed student who will obtain minimum 20 marks out of 50.

Result of the test will be published on the same site on 18th October 2017 by 6:00 pm. To check the result just follow these steps -
Go to Google -> Search 'The AK Tuition' -> Open the site - Go to Pages of the Site -> Click on Results -> Click on the Test Name that you lastly attempted -> Your result is here

{ If you want to be redirected to the Test Paper & Result page, so Click Here and watch who performed the best. }

Congratulations ! 👌
If you have passed the Test otherwise I'd say Please improve your skills.

If someone wants to see the Tests attempted by the students of the tuition, I'd like to suggest them to visit the 'Exams' Section of the site where you can see new and old exams conducted in The AK Tuition.

All these informations are also available on our Facebook Page 'The AK Tuition 786' visit that if you have a facebook account otherwise you can create a new one and then visit and like our page if you find our page relevant to your interest.

One who will obtain the maximum number of marks his name and image will be appeared on this website and our facebook page until another Exam take place.

Best of Luck Students 👍

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