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As you know that the final exams are no longer and before that students have to attempt their Mock Test/Pre-Board Exams. Every student wants good marks in the exams, so I have something for you to obtain maximum marks in the exams that is last year question papers. I have uploaded last year question papers on where you can have : -
✔ Last year question papers
✔ Notes of your subjects
✔ Guidelines for better performance
✔ All NCERT Books in Hindi & English

I'm still working on this site and continuously updating the material for better results. I've uploaded all books for class 6th-12th in Hindi & English and maths notes for the class 9,10. If you see anything unavailable please do write us at and if you have anything to be uploaded on our site send us on the same email address so that all students can avail of that.

What's happening in The AK Tuition ?

Students are about to complete their maths syllabus and preparing for the pre-board exams/mock test and final exams. The Tutor taking a 10 marks test daily and after that teaches question papers solutions that is most important before the beginning of exams. They are being taught all subjects randomly according to the choice of students because they know well that which subject is tough to them. During exams Tutor will teach only upcoming exam subjects and provide remember points of the lessons.

Exams and Preparation

Students feel depression during exam days because they didn't study their subjects properly and within one or two days they can't learn whole chapters for better exam result. They need any shortcut for cracking the exam. First of all try to know by your teachers that which chapters are included in the exam question papers and read only question-answers of the chapters. In mathematics in the end of the chapters a short summary is provided that you have to read carefully. Enjoy your reading because we never forget that whatever is read with interest. Solve at least 3-5 question papers per subject, it will make you strong in subjects and provide you the idea of questions coming every year.

If you have any query/suggestion regarding exams, our advice or chapters let me know in comments to make our work more effective. Thank You

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